An Open House Is Good For Business

Passionate young property educator avoids using Social Media as a sales tool, but it helps his business grow anyway

Interview by Dan Willersdorf

Owner: Tyson Clarke
Facebook Page Likes: 3,426 and counting

Australian Property Panel  Australian Property Panel


Tyson Clarke is a miner that retired early – not as a result of his mining though – but instead through his own successful property investment efforts. His business teaches others how to do the same but he does not do sales and marketing.

When working in the mining industry, Tyson wanted to invest his income wisely but found a lack of specialist advice and knowledge in the remote areas he was working in. Once he moved back to the city and got access to great advice and mentoring he found his property portfolio, took off, and retired from his full-time mining job at a young age.

Never one to sit on his hands, Tyson found a passion in wanting to help educate his friends, family and everyone else, to find the same financial freedom he found. Especially those in more remote areas just as he was, “Friends in these areas wanted to benefit their family long term via investing, but they would say to me ‘it’s easy for you – you are in the city,’” he shares.

On investing in property, Tyson explains how “everyone thinks it’s so hard, but once you get access to the right knowledge and people then it becomes a lot easier.”

“But if you don’t have this – when Mum and Dad come home from work, instead of spending time with the kids they are researching and studying how to do it all aspects of it themselves instead getting the help of people that know what they are doing,” Tyson adds. “They make more mistakes and this puts more pressure on the whole family unit.”

As the owner of Queensland Property Advice, which is part of the larger The Australian Property Panel group, he has 3 main roles:

1. As mentor or coach, helping people to identify their goals, when they want to achieve them, and most importantly what drives them to achieve these goals

2. Educating people about investing, to build a property portfolio, whether individually or through a larger workshop format

3. Providing and project managing a team of independent service providers (brokers, accountants, builders property managers, solicitors, etc) for his clients, to take the stress and time out of identifying and organising investment properties. “One of his client’s holidayed around Europe whilst his 4th property was being organised). We helped with everything from the idea of wanting to get an investment property, to the rent showing up in your account,” Tyson adds. “It’s a complete one-stop service.”



“I don’t like using the term ‘sales and marketing’” says Tyson. “For me it’s just about having a conversation with people and seeing if we can work together.”

“I don’t use traditional marketing at all – I know when I read the paper I don’t take any notice of the ads in the newspaper, so I think, why would my customers read my ads?” he admits. “99% of our business comes from word-of-mouth, by delivering on what we say every time. We take the attitude that we have to over deliver on what our clients expect, provide exceptional service, plus have some fun. If we get all these aspects right, clients are likely to be very happy and ask for our help next time while passing on the good word of how we have helped them.”

“What better advertising can you have than thousands of happy people as customers? But it is very hard work and something that you have to earn through results, so with this approach to growing the business it has grown organically and spread nationally,” Tyson adds.


Tyson said they decided to use Social Media for the business “to let people know more about us and who we are, so they can engage with us through social media” He said they chose Facebook as the Social Media platform to use, because “everyone’s on Facebook and it has multiple forms of communication.” They can post photos, videos, create events and more (some of the other platforms do not have these multiple features and forms of communication).

“My business partner Peter and I first set up the Facebook page and played around with it, and it was then when we realised we had no idea what we were doing so we got specialists in the Social Media field to set it up properly for us. They keep us up to date with important changes in Social Media as well. Just like ourselves as specialists in the property business, we see the value of being good at what you do, then hiring specialists for what they are good at.“

Australian Property Panel does not see Facebook as a sales and marketing tool. They use it for 2 main purposes:

  1. To communicate and educate our fans. “If I see an article or some information that I think would be of value to our fans I will post it on the page. It doesn’t matter if they don’t know us at all and our potential or who our current clients are, we are using it to share the best education we can share.”
  2. As an interaction tool. “I encourage people to get involved and share their experiences. There are some sharks in the property market so new people can be very cautious and want to make sure they can trust us. I send them to the Facebook page and this gives them a feel for what we do. I also encourage them to ask our current clients questions on the page. With nothing to hide, we want potential customers to ask past customers the hard questions. This gives people honest information and helps give potential customers peace of mind. People want more proof to be 100% sure.”




  1. Be open
  2. Be honest
  3. Be transparent

“You must let people into your life and show them what you do. Your Facebook is an extension of yourself. People want to know who they are going to be doing business with and want to know they can trust you. We don’t use overly salesy ads or boring posts. We don’t post up photos or opinions that are not appropriate for a completely public audience,” he explains.

By having an attitude of using it to be open and for sharing, he said “it allows everyone to have a bit of fun with each other, start a bit of banter over a few bad photos and things like that.”

Tyson gives the example when you are thinking about visiting a new restaurant: “you ask your mates first or jump on the internet and look at reviews. Social Media these days is an extension of word of mouth and it works the same way as this for us.”

He also added that they would “occasionally boost a post to get greater reach” and “post up all events on the page as it makes it easy for people to put it into their calendar and invite their friends.”


Tyson said that using Social Media has been good for spreading the reach of the brand on a state and national scale. They are able to do measure where new customers come from and Facebook has gotten new clients for them. One client, for example, saw that a friend was going to one of their events on Facebook and then decided to go along himself.

Does Tyson think all businesses should be using Social Media? “Yes I think they should, now days if you don’t have a social media presence it raises the question why not? Plus it’s a load of fun and a great tool for us,” Tyson believes.

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Queensland Property Advice currently operates in Cairns, Townsville, Mackay, Moranbah, Rockhampton, Blackwater and Brisbane. If you want to have a chat about investing in the property area, get in touch with Tyson Clarke via mobile: 0407 034 803, or email:

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