Loving the Social Media Life for Yoga

Yoga teacher utilises Social Media to reach business nirvana

Creating An Escape For Their Customers

Once reluctant to post photos of food on their Facebook page, at the urging of their customers, Oodies Café finds Social Media Success.

No Pipe Dream with Social Media

Does Social Media work for businesses like plumbing? How would Social Media work in this case?

Instagram, not Facebook the winner for Green Cathedral

After limited success on Facebook, bespoke furniture maker turns to Instagram with huge results.

The Great Big Social Media

Thrill-seeking backpacker uses the Internet to help conquer his fear of the world. What comes out of it is an inspiring new perspective in traveling and a growing number of followers online and in real life.

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7 Great Tools for Creating Infographics

7 Great Tools for Creating Infographics

Infographics are a tool that individuals and companies use to succinctly communicate a substantial idea or a large amount of information effectively, and in a way the reader can easily scan the data and absorb the information. There are different programs available that you can use to create your own infographics with – even with no graphic design skills.

It [using Social Media] has had this big effect on the business. Slowly filtering through with lots of people viewing the page, we’re now starting to get a lot of our enquiries actually from Facebook so it’s a big benefit to us on our business. I think if you want to get your business out there, give it a go, because it’s definitely worth it; it’s the way to go. It’s what’s happening in this generation.

Ellen Pike, Tura Charters

Facebook is way more important to us than a website. It’s reached many more customers for tennis than our website and it’s so much easier to keep updated as well than a real website.

Luke Harvey, Ace Tennis Hervey Bay

Facebook’s been a big tool in us getting as successful as we did so quickly – just getting the word out there. It’s friends telling their friends. It’s not someone just on the television going: ‘You should come here because they’ve got great coffee.’ I think the powerful thing with Facebook is it is friends’ recommendations.

Tracey McPhee, Alowishus Delicious

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