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Social Media Success Magazine is a dual-format (digital and print) journal that showcases the success of various business owners and managers and studies the benefits behind using Social Media to promote a business.

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Our dream behind publishing Social Media Success was to show business owners and managers the benefits behind using Social Media to promote their business, as long as it is used correctly. To help explain this we’ve included a whole heap of case studies from businesses that are kicking goals on Social Media.

These case studies will show you the secrets behind successful campaigns. In each magazine we’ll also be showing you many bite sized tips behind using Social Media from the businesses we interview.

To your success on Social Media and in business,

Dan Willersdorf & Katrina Carey (Publishers, Social Media Success Magazine)


Dan and Katrina of Social Media Success Magazine are available for talks, personal appearances or interviews. Please email them via the details on this page for further information and to book your discussion today.

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The Team


Dan Willersdorf

Dan Willersdorf

Dan started working in the Social Media field way back when Facebook advertising first started, using Social Media to market his web design agency. As owner of Wide Reach Social Media he has worked with hundreds of businesses to get more leads and sales from their Social Media.

He started Social Media Success Magazine in order to showcase the great results some businesses are getting on Social Media and inspire others to learn from this.

In his spare time he Stand-up paddle boards, surfs, and drinks lots of coffee.

Deputy Editor

France Pinzon

France Pinzon

France is a writer and editor based in Manila, Philippines. She believes that the rise of things, such as Facebook and Twitter is the Universe’s way of telling her that genetic awkwardness isn’t meant to carry on. And that overexposure to dog (and cat) photos never hurts anyone.

When she is away from the computer, she’s either busy with her vintage LPs or trying out a new burrito-and-beer joint in the city – or doing both at the same time.


Shannon Woolacott

Shannon Woolacott

Shannon is in her third year of University studying a Bachelor of Arts degree. She has always shared a passion for writing with a love of people, making journalism a natural career choice.

She is an avid Social Media user with a proficient understanding of business management and marketing due to experience in retail management.

In her spare time you will find her buried in a book or spending time with family and friends at the beach.


Katrina Carey

Katrina Carey

Katrina loves using social media to indulge her passion in women’s style and clothing and is happiest when her Facebook news feed is full of the latest season’s collections! Katrina rates Instagram as her favourite, most preferred platform followed closely by Facebook and then Pinterest.

Katrina is frequently called upon by family, friends and colleagues to assist them with their facebooking and other online social matters. Katrina looks forward to the day when people are more willing and less scared to share more with their friends via online tools and when people understand their privacy settings enough to be confident to do so!

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