7 Great Tools for Creating Infographics

by Diane Leone

Wow your customers by using infographics to explain complicated information in a super attractive visual way.

Create Infographics

Infographics are a tool that individuals and companies use to succinctly communicate a substantial idea or a large amount of information effectively, and in a way the reader can easily scan the data and absorb the information. There are different programs available that you can use to create your own infographics with – even with no graphic design skills.

First, Organise the Content for Your Infographic

  • Identify your topic and title
  • Think through what information you want to communicate
  • Narrow that information down to short bullet points in a logical order
  • Identify the colors and style that will reflect your brand
  • Craft your call to action

Then, Use These 7 Great Tools for Creating Infographics

With the information prepared, it’s time to “create” the infographic. The following are software programs and online websites that can be used to create infographics.

  1. lywww.easel.ly – an online site with a selection of free templates; it’s fun to use with easy drag-and-drop functionality.
  2. Piktochartpiktochart.com – a pay-for-service website that allows you to create infographics for free with a limited supply of templates. Try it out. If you like it and you need to build infographics often, you might find it worth paying to use.
  3. amwww.infogr.am – an interesting twist on creating infographics, it’s a free service online that uses Excel spreadsheets.
  4. lywww.visual.ly – a community platform that is free and allows for both infographic creation and the opportunity to have them shared on Social Media.
  5. Canvacanva.com – a favourite tool for many Social Media managers, Canva allows you to easily create stunning images, including infographics. Much of Canva is free, and the paid features cost as little as $1.
  6. Datawrapperdatawrapper.de – allows you to easily create charts and maps in just 4 steps.
  7. Vismevisme.co – allows the simple creation of charts including infographics, as well as see what other people are creating – great for ideas! Free for up to 3 projects.
Diane Leone

Diane Leone

Diane Leone is a Certified Inbound Social Medial Marketing Professional, speaker, and professional writer. www.ButterflySocialOnline.com

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