Unlocking New Culture with Social

Two Melbourne mums break new ground by making it easy for new parents to experience arts and culture with their children, with Social Media providing the key to reaching their audience

Interview by Dan Willersdorf
Edited By France Pinzon

Founders/Owners: Claire McClelland and Rebecca Asp
Years in Business: 2012 to Present
Website: www.culturemamas.com.au
Facebook Page Likes: 1,581 and counting

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Becoming a parent is an exciting time, however the first couple of years can often be isolating with a lack of adult events that are also welcoming to babies or small children.

After identifying a gap in the market for events that were interesting for adults while also being kid friendly, proud mothers Claire and Rebecca decided to join forces and launch Culture Mamas in Spring of 2012. “Often the mum (or the dad) is neglected,” says Claire. “We wanted to create a community of events that mums could go to and enjoy that wasn’t all about the kids. The kids could come along of course, but our point of difference was that the mums could enjoy the events.”

Culture Mamas carefully curate “a unique program of events designed to give mums, dads and carers a break from the daily grind and re-connect them with the adult world of ideas.”


Culture Mamas Initially conceived as a “hobby” business, Claire and Rebecca’s brainchild quickly became bigger when they saw the potential in the ever-growing community of parents. “Initially, it was just about getting the idea out there and building our email list and social media followers,” says Claire.

Although they debated investing in print advertising, they quickly dismissed this idea and opted to focus solely on social media to save more money. Claire attests to the advantages of promoting Culture Mamas on social media as it is more flexible and customisable, which allows them to appeal directly to their targeted audience. “There is a lot of competition in the ‘mums’ space so we need to highlight that we are unique to stand out,” she shares. “We have done lots of swapping shout-outs and giveaways with other online sites. Word-of-mouth is huge, but all our social media efforts really help this along.”

Many of Culture Mamas social media followers subsequently join their email list, allowing Culture Mamas to directly reach their potential customers in order to invite them to their ticketed events. “Without social media, we wouldn’t be able to reach our audience at all,” Claire believes.


Why Facebook?

  1. It Finds Your Audience

“We had paid for a listing site and it did not work, because there was too much noise,” Claire reveals the lack of attention an ad can get when promoting via something as broad as a national listing website, as their business is local and very specific.

  1. Higher Level of Networking

Unlike other traditional ways of marketing such as giving out pamphlets and relying on word-of-mouth, Culture Mamas swears they get so much more traffic (and faster, too!), through Facebook, especially through other pages. According to Claire, when other sites post about their events, they gain 50 more likes on average.

And when you DO get your business on Facebook…

  1. Be very clear about your brand and translate it on Facebook

“Look at the [Facebook] sites you like and want to emulate,” Claire adds. “Work out who your audience is and what they want to know. It’s not just getting them to like you.”

  1. Scheduling is crucial!

Claire is very strict about keeping time. “It’s all about it scheduling – come up with five things you need to post each week – then monitor it. I’m all about restricting the time you spend on it. The world won’t end if you don’t respond immediately,” she says.

  1. Buy Likes – use the Facebook Ads Manager

“Do a strategic likes campaigns to get going, especially the first 0 to 1000,” Claire advises. “We spent $300 on a Facebook Likes campaign to help get to 1000 Likes.”

For more information, visit the Culture Mamas Facebook Page

Culture Mamas owners Claire McClelland and Rebecca Asp

Culture Mamas owners Claire McClelland and Rebecca Asp

For high quality events for culture-hungry mums and dads, contact Culture Mamas through +61 408 122 441 or email: info@culturemamas.com.au.

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