Weddings, Chocolate & Love

A love of Chocolate, Weddings and a desire to “get it right from the start” is the recipe for Cha Cha’s success

Interview by Katrina Carey

Owner: Melanice Jacobsen
Years Active: 2011 to present
Facebook Page Likes: 3,802 likes and counting

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Social Media Success Magazine recently caught up with Melanice to talk growing a brand new business using Social Media.

SMSM: Tell me about yourself and “Cha Cha Chocolate.”

Melanice Jacobsen: I’ve been in the confectionery industry most of my life because my Dad owned a chocolate factory from when I was born. Three years ago I was back working in the family business, and a lot of potential customers were coming in and talking about the new craze of candy bars. So I said to my sister that there might be a market for this, so I decided to set up a Facebook page, a business name and then off I went, that was three years ago next month.

The Social Media Efforts & Results Of Cha Cha Chocolate

SMSM: When you started Cha Cha, what platforms did you use to get your business out there?

Melanice: I researched what other businesses were doing in other regions. I didn’t send [my Facebook page] live until I was able to organise a professional photography shoot. I created four different designs of candy bars, set them up at a wonderful location and had some professional photos taken. I basically put the photos on Facebook and sent it live, I think I had a hundred likes within an hour and I was so excited!

SMSM: Apart from Social Media, what other advertising did you do?

Melanice: To start with I was spending a lot of money on advertising in the wrong places. I had spent $1000 dollars on a local bridal magazine for 2 years but believe it didn’t generate much business at all. I also invested a lot of money into an Event Fair down in Brisbane, I quickly realised that promoting my business 5 hours from home would be costly and decided not to attend and losing money there also was frustrating.

SMSM: What is it that you like most about Social Media?

Melanice: The best part about Social Media is it’s easy, it’s affordable even if you’re paying to promote. It’s visual and my business is very visual. It’s easy,it’s fun and I love it. I enjoy it on a personal level so it doesn’t feel like a chore when I have to go on and post something.

SMSM: How do you find Facebook advertising?

Melanice: If I do pay to promote, it’s more of a targeted post for people within the region that will be potential clients. For only $22 to promote a photo, a special event or candy buffet – it’s affordable, if I get some interest or enquiry coming from that it was well worth it.

SMSM: Do you think that using Social Media is worth it?

Melanice: Absolutely. My business wouldn’t be where it is today without it.

Cha Cha Chocolate


Melanice’s Social Media Advice For Others

SMSM: What general advice can you give to others about using Social Media?

Melanice: I think it is very important to get it right & to look professional from the beginning. I’ve researched a lot of companies like mine on Facebook & the ones that grabbed my attention were the ones that really look professional. If you are selling a professional product or service it needs to be consistent with your Facebook page. It’s best to hire a professional for the right advice and tips, the original investment for this may make or break you.

SMSM: Do you have any tips about what to post on Social Media?

Melanice: Most of the time it has to be a post with photos. It should be unique, even funny. I think it’s important to post daily or every second day. Create a bit of excitement with whatever it is you’re doing – people like to smile when they see a post and if you get a smile you will get a “like”, even a “share”.

There are 3 interests that people enjoy on my Facebook page – weddings, chocolate and dogs. I have just found that those obviously reflect through me [my interests] – I know that those three things are going to get me quality likes.

Also if I do post something, I normally post it towards a person. Not a particular person [but what I mean is], when they read my post, I want them to think I’m talking to them.

SMSM: Do you have any tips for people who feel they don’t have time for Facebook?

Melanice: I remember in one of the seminars about Social Media management, he said that you can pre-set your post to come out every day in a week so that really works for me. You have to think of your Facebook page like opening your front door to your business, every post is a potential client connection. Keep your posts short and interesting, it doesn’t take a lot of time at all.

What’s Next For Cha Cha Chocolate?

SMSM: So moving forward with Cha Cha into the future, do you see Social Media as an important part of your business?

Melanice: Definitely. Definitely.

I would like Cha Cha to be selling our personalised chocolate bars all over Queensland and interstate. I plan to open in other regions down the track, maybe franchising. Going forward, I’d love to see Cha Cha connecting with more of a direct client base through my Facebook page. I would like to link some of my other Social Media sites together such as, Twitter and Pinterest. I’d like to create more orders from my Facebook site and would love to have a successful online business without having the overheads or a retail shop.

Our hand made chocolates are certainly gaining interest also and plan to make these a big part of my business in the near future. I have some dreams, some big dreams!

SMSM: Is there anything else you would like to add?

Melanice: I think it’s quite impressive with what I achieved from the council seminar of our Social Media manager. I think before setting up a Facebook site, everyone should get some advice about Social Media because these days it really is the “face” of your business. If anyone talks to me about starting a business I’m say straight away “take the time, get it right from the start!”

Melanice Jacobson

Melanice Jacobsen, owner of Cha Cha Chocolate

For more information, visit the Cha Cha Chocolate Facebook Page

For more about Cha Cha Chocolate connect with them on Social Media! They specialise in Luxury Candy Buffets for all occasions. Also known for their wide selection of personalised wedding favours and corporate gifts.

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