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Find out how this very distinct business found its own growing market through Facebook and “business seemed to take off overnight.”

Interview by Dan Willersdorf

Owner: Jo-Anne Moore
Business Years: 27 and counting
Facebook Page Likes: 1,033 and counting


In this case study, we cover some great findings and tips to help other businesses, even those with an unconventional product or service, to use Social Media!

Initially, Jo-Anne Moore’s only business target wasn’t super precise. She just wanted to share personal empowerment and happiness with as many people as possible and create awareness of the benefits of complimentary and natural therapies.

Energy Psychology is described as the “manipulation of energy to create happiness, ease, abundance and health.” Jo-Anne Moore Energy Psychology began as Jo-Anne’s hobby business in 1993 and has expanded over the past 22 years to a great business.

Jo-Anne initially decided to utilize Facebook for her business because it was a natural progression with the integration of the worldwide web and technology. Everything about Facebook was appealing to her: “the immediate mode of delivery and it was FREE and an easy way to reach my clientele, promoting myself, services, classes and events,” Jo-Anne shares.


What results have you achieved?

“Social Media has been more than worthwhile. My business has grown quickly and I am able to communicate with my clients and interested people regularly and with ease. Social Media is also a way of future clients finding you and feeling a familiarity with you and all that your business has to offer without making any kind of commitment. Making use of the event, cause, and status features has added another dimension to my business and income streams. Additionally, my clients can reside anywhere, and utilising Social Media, including Skype, they can utilise my services.”

Utilising Private Instant Messaging to Communicate with Clients

Because Energy Psychology can be an extra personal transaction between motivator and client, “the added feature of personal messaging was the pinnacle point of ease in communicating with clients at any time to discuss questions and make bookings,” she explains.

Social Media Reach is BIG

“Social Media has expanded my business from a just a local to a worldwide entity,” Jo-Anne says.

Clueless about Facebook? Seek help from professionals.

According to the Energy Psychologist, if you’re going to get on Facebook, do it right, right away. Seek professional help with your Social Media endeavours to speed up the growth of your business. “I took a Social Media class where they simplified and explained all of the aspects that I had been missing.”  With my newfound understanding and enjoyment of technology, I then implemented, studied, and experimented with the many features and ways of posting, which included boosting a post,” Jo-Anne adds. “I found that once I could read and understand the Insights, Advertising, and some competition ideas, business seemed to take off overnight.”

Final words:

“It can add to your business in ways you never dreamt possible. If you are unsure, give it a go anyway and experience the results for yourself.  Take some training or enlist someone who enjoys working on Social Media to do it on your behalf.  If you don’t choose this, you and your business will be left behind.”

Energy Psychology's Jo-Anne Moore

Energy Psychology’s Jo-Anne Moore

Jo-Anne Moore has been practising Energy Psychology for more than 27 years. For enquiries, contact +61 418 539 867 or

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